Monday, February 7, 2011

Tableizer: Spreadsheet Data to HTML

is a online conversion utility that converts Excel, iCalc, OpenOffice and other  spreadsheet data into a HTML table
. It is online and dead dsimple to do. Just select and copy the data you want [including column and row headers as desired] using CTRL+C or your spreadsheets copy function and then paste into the Tableizer  textarea[see screen shot above]. Press the Tableize It! key and for a 20 columns x 80 columns of data Tableizer was done in less than 2 seconds as seen below:

As you might suspect Tableizer did not convert embedded images, charts and other objects. The data used above is from the Federal Reserve data on $3.3Trillion bailout money - in this case the $200Billion++ that made AIG Insurance whole. Also note that Tableizer does not provide for scrolling in either the columns or rows axises. But the amout of grunt work Tableizer eliminates, makes it well worth the while.

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